We decided not to settle.

What did we do when we weren’t satisfied with the products available out there?

Our Start

That’s how my sister and I began our journey towards clearer skin.As we entered our late teenage years, we began to suffer from severe acne and other skin imperfections, which affected our confidence.

Our Challenge

We tried almost every product range available, going as far as trying prescription medication, however these would either cause dryness to our skin, or in the case of prescription medication, was not sustainable due to the adverse health side effects.

Our Solution

A few years later, having almost given up on the quest for clearer skin, our journey to clearer skin began through extensive research and trials while working with industry experts to create a range of all-natural, vegan and chemical-free solutions.

Introducing By Noussou

That’s how By Noussou was born;­ from our collective need for healthier and clearer skin. Now we want to share these secrets with you because we know what it is like to deal with different skin problems and trying to find a solution that doesn’t feel engineered and chemical.

Having tackled our acne problems, our research extended to maintaining our newly found glow, and to address other skin problems. The By Noussou line of products increased to include Age Defyers and the Daily Glow bundle. Today we bring to you a range of cruelty-­free, natural, vegan, and additive-free skincare.

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