By @thebeauttyblogg

It is the Holiday season! This means it’s time for a vacation. If you’re traveling this holiday season too long or short destinations, there are a few steps you need to start preparing for prior to your travels.  First, you must start hydrating your body a week in advance as we tend to forget to drink enough water while we get lost with packing luggage.  Remember Hydration minimizes the appearance of fine lines and dry skin. Who would want that! We already get extremely dry skin in cold weather.  Also, start moisturizing your body after the shower as that’s when skin tends to be moist and absorbs moisturizers better.  I usually add vitamin e oil with my body lotion to get extra moisture locked into my skin. After all, you don’t want to travel with dry skin and have it get worse later.

On my long haul flight to Los Angeles, it was very challenging traveling with a toddler (but that’s a whole different topic of course) I had to keep reminding myself to keep drinking plenty of water. I also kept my son well hydrated and packed us snacks like green apples and cucumbers as they retain lots of water. I purchased a face mist spray and used it every half hour to an hour to keep my skin hydrated. I didn’t apply any makeup to keep my pores clean.  Prior to my flight, a night in advance, I packed a mini bag using my mini reusable containers with my face hydrating balm, face cleanser, vitamin E oil, and toner. These mini travel bottles and containers can be purchased at Sephora. I packed a lip conditioner and hand cream because I wash my hands a lot when I travel and knew I needed a good kind of cold cream.

Last but not least, I avoided drinking any caffeine on the flight as that dehydrates you even more. Instead, I packed organic herbal drinks and enjoyed them with my honey (something I also packed in a small bottle). Herbal drinks also help keep you relaxed when you sleep. I avoided sweets, candy that hey served and adding sugar with my drinks as that makes you feel extremely thirsty and anxious. I tried my best to drink eight ounces of water every hour as they advise on the flight. Before sleeping I applied my face oil and face balm along with my hand cream. These small details that no one really thinks of are extremely imperative to stay hydrated and relaxed.