by Sondos Kaspa @thebeautyblohOC

Besides your beautiful smile and alluring personality, your skin is a major player in the laws of attraction. The last thing you want is your partner to notice your dull dry skin when you are trying to come out as glamorous and sexy. Beautiful soft skin starts with hydration. Research shows that dull dry skin makes us appear older….so why would we want that?

I know we all have our lazy days and especially in the winter.  But we need consistency in many things in our life and looking after our skin has better be one of them. Finding the time you spend pampering your skin is crucial. Twice or three times a week is enough, but keep at it. Following a regime that is easy with as little downtime as possible is important. Here are 3 simple steps that will have you seeing results after the first skin session.

Brush, Mask, Moisturise …Repeat!


If you’ve never tried this before, you better start today. Dry body brushing is addictive. This technique is a blessing to include in your daily routine. It has a long list of benefits that make it an essential part of the healthy skin journey not only does it decrease the appearance of cellulite but also it removes toxins from the body. Simply start from bottom to top in circular motions. It takes only 2-minutes before you step into the shower.


Body masking isn’t something everyone maintains. I like clay body masks as they are full of goodness and really eliminate dirt from the pores. If it’s your first time trying a mud body mask, the secret is to step into a hot, not warm, bath or shower so your skin gets really soft and your pores open, ready for nourishment. The natural vegan Australian Bodibar range of mud masks was created as a 2-in-1 scrub and mask to treat different types of skin, from sun-damaged to sensitive to severely dry. You simply apply and massage into your skin then wash off. You will notice immediate results!

STEP THREE…Moisturise

I can’t stress this enough! Something my mom always stressed when I was a teen. To always moisturize after the shower to lock in the moisture. I thank her for that today as my skin always looks great. So please don’t skip moisturizing especially after you step out of the shower. At that point, your skin has a higher concentration of moisture so it’s the best time to trap some of that water on your skin. In the warmer months, switch to body oil as it works wonders and feels light on the skin. There are many organic vegan brands that are designed to ultimately protect without any residue, giving the skin a beautiful glow. In the cooler months, I recommend you blend body oils with your favorite lotion to get a higher concentration on your skin. By the time summer arrives my lady…you will glow! 

My advice to you is ….Get started today and your new skin glow will have heads turning for you!