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I used to dread Fridays. I always felt drained by the end of the week, with no energy to do the things I enjoyed.  I managed to change my perspective by adapting a simple routine for myself that I genuinely found indulging. This simple routine is a mini home spa day; enjoy a nice cup of cafe latte with coconut milk out on my terrace, or take a one hour long stroll in nature with my 9 MO baby boy Karim. It allows me to focus on self-care and self-appreciation, two important aspects strong enough to look forward to on Fridays don’t you think? This Friday I’m enjoying these lovely skincare products by By Noussou. Before I begin, I let my husband watch my baby for a few hours while I start my mini spa day.

It starts off with a warm steamy shower to open up my pores. I use By Noussou’s Cuppa Scrub Face & Body Exfoliator infused with natural oils for my face and body.

It starts off with a warm steamy shower to open up my pores. I use By Noussou’s Cuppa Scrub Face & Body Exfoliator infused with natural oils for my face and body.

Once I’m out of the shower I pat my skin dry and massage my body with vitamin E oil mixed with my rose body moisturizer. I then apply By Noussou’s Maskquerade Facial Mask for 5-7 minutes. Once I wash it off with warm water, I use an ice cube to close my pores and apply my favorite By Noussou witch hazel rose toner, Tone It Down, followed by a hydrating and anti-aging face serum, Army of Youth.

Almost every product I try from this brand I find effective and I get the results that I want. It’s natural and non-toxic as I nurse my baby, and I’m sure a lot of mothers out there will extremely enjoy them too. I’m very big on natural organic products as they don’t harm our skin or bodies. I do enjoy other brands from time to time but after a lot of research I found natural products contain great benefits and are safe for sensitive skin. You get results without the harmful chemicals you find in most top brands. It will also make a big difference in your life.

In the end the choice is always yours, so make it wise! It’s not only about what you apply on your face, it’s also about maintaining a healthy diet and exercising 3-4 times a week.

These all are key factors to a healthier lifestyle. What you put inside your body reflects on your skin. So until next time…..remember to always find time for yourself dear mom as you are important, eat healthy and take a walk in nature as it will boost your self-esteem.

Products used from By Noussou listed below. Shop now at

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  • By Noussou’s Cuppa Scrub Face & Body Exfoliator   A sensuous and aromatic combination of Arabica coffee grounds with a hint of chocolate is infused with vanilla oil, organic olive oil, and coconut oil to produce a blend fit for royalty. Nulla id eros magna rhoncus vel ligula.
  • By Noussou’s Maskquerade Facial Mask   Three natural ingredients, a world of skincare benefits: kaolin clay, matcha and activated charcoal. Luxuriously pamper your skin and reap all the benefits from skin cleansing, detoxification and tightening all at once.
  • By Noussou’s Tone It Down Facial Toner   A natural mix of rose water, astringent witch hazel, soothing aloe vera with an undertone of apple cider vinegar.
  • By Noussou’s Army of Youth Youth Preserving Serum   Pamper your face with with vitamins and luxurious age defying active ingredients such as rosehip seed oil, amazing for repairing sun damage and discoloration, tamarind seed extract whose alpha hydroxy acids help in removing pigmentation marks, dark spots as well as polishing your skin, and carrot seed oil rich in carotene and vitamin A essential for cell and skin regeneration. (For ages 16 to 40)